Here at EXN towers we’ve been really busy recently, upgrading, coding and generally improving the way we work. Here are a few changes that you will notice as customers over the next few months.

EXtraNet launch
We’re revamping the Client Portal and relaunching it as EXtraNet – delivering updated real time graphing, a more intuitive interface and more control over your account.

Pay as you Grow cPanel/WHM Reseller Packages
Accommodating resellers on our proven shared hosting infrastructure was something we previously offered on an ad hoc basis but due to increasing demand, we’ve created something completely unique. Our customisable ‘Pay as you Grow’ cPanel/WHM Reseller concept includes a disk space and bandwidth slider to create your package according to your business’s exact needs. Then when you’re ready to flex up, you can automatically increase your limits with immediate effect.

Additions to the Knowledgebase
As an ongoing project, our Knowledgebase is being added to daily. This will help your troubleshooting and reduce the amount of times tickets need to be raised – saving your time and helping us deliver quicker and quicker average response times every month.

Social Media
Have you followed us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? We’re sharing new pricing and product details, interacting with customers and providing status updates.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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