We’re proud to unveil our new and improved client portal, EXtraNet.

It’s packed with new features, wrapped in a new, more intuitive interface and provides a one stop shop for management of your account.

Your user name and password for your account remain exactly the same.

Here is a rundown of the changes made.

General Changes

New client area design

We have introduced a fresh new client area design with a more intuitive interface. This also features a new navigation system with drop down menus and improved check out scripts using the latest AJAX technology.

Integrated Ticketing System

I’m sure you have noticed our recent change to a ticketing system internal to the client portal. With the release of EXtraNet, this is even more integrated, reducing the number of clicks required to see the status of all outstanding tickets.

Domain Name Management


EXtraNet handles up to 5 nameservers instead of the previous 4.

WHOIS Contact Information Improvements

Clients are now able to use existing account information as WHOIS contact information for Domains. Clients can have as many contacts and sub accounts as required, a simple drop down box will let you assign a contact for each the Administrative, Technical and Billing WHOIS information.

Rackspace/Colocation/Dedicated Servers

Improved Bandwidth Graphs

Our graphing server has been upgraded and all graphs will be viewable in real time via the Client Portal. We will also be supporting multiple graphs and aggregate graphs for clients with complex hosting setups.

Bandwidth Graphs

Port Statistics

We will also be introducing real time port statistics including packet counters to help diagnose issues such as duplex and speed mismatches.

Improved Remote Reboots

Our automatic remote reboots will be improved to give additional feedback including the current status of the reboot port.

Power Graphs

Where applicable we will be introducing historical power usage graphs for your racks or colocation gear.

If you have any queries, bug reports or just general feedback, please open a ticket with our feedback department using the EXtraNet (or drop an email to feedback@exn.org.uk).

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued custom and hope you enjoy our new look.
The EXN team.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

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